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Newly Discovered Documents Link Cheney & Rumsfeld to Cover-up of Murder of CIA Scientist

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Simon Wollers

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An article by Irish journalist Gordon Thomas ties in the Vice President and Defense Secretary of the United States to a cover-up of the murder of a CIA scientist.


Documents recently discovered in the Gerald Ford Library indicate that Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld attempted a cover-up of the murder of Frank Olson who was thrown from a New York hotel window in 1953 after he had threatened to reveal the CIA involvement in post-war Germany experiments.


Frank Olson was given a mixture of LSD and other drugs and then pushed out of the hotel window to make it look as if he had jumped under the influence of mind-altering drugs. The details of his death came out during a 1975 investigation into the CIA's activities. In a clear admission of guilt, Olson's family received a total of $750,000 to settle their claims against the US government in 1976. But, says Olson's son, Eric, the cover-up continued.


At the time of the investigation into Olson's death, Rumsfeld was White House Chief of Staff to President Gerald Ford and Dick Cheney was a senior White House assistant to the President. Both had advised Ford that a deeper probe into Olson's death would risk revealing state secrets, including, say some, the use by the US of germ warfare in Korea.


Olson discovered that viruses he had been developing for the CIA were being tested on human prisoners in Germany. When in 1953, Olson witnessed the victims of his work in biological warfare - men dying in agony in a CIA location in Germany - he protested. According to Olson's son, CIA director Allan Welsh Dulles then decided that his father had to be removed.


Eric Olson's own investigation into the death of his father has, he says, been blocked every step of the way by Cheney and Rumsfeld and the newly discovered documents prove it. It appears that Cheney and Rumsfeld were given the task of covering up the details of Frank Olson's death.


"The documents remind us why blind trust in any government official or agency is a bad idea," says Eric Olson. "The cover-up of torture in Iraq today has its roots in a different time - but it's the same culture of cover-up. That cover-up ultimately led to the murder of my father."


Rumsfeld and Cheney, who have never been questioned about what they know of Olson's death, have both declined to comment on the new information unearthed by the documents.



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Simon Wollers

Simon Wollers

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